Monday, December 21, 2009

Let It Snow

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A reported 10.9 inches of snow covered New York City after the “Blizzard of 2009” that ended in the early hours of Sunday morning. Although Bryant Park looks magical under a blanket of snow, Bryant Park Corporation Sanitation and Hospitality crew members immediately began clearing pathways at 6am yesterday to create easy access to the park, The Pond, and all The Holiday Shops.

According to Coordinating Supervisor, Martin Nembhard, the team’s first priority was to clear snow and ice from all sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks surrounding the park. Next up were the park’s Upper Terrace, Fountain Terrace, 42nd and 40th Street Allees. Staff members from Upsilon Ventures, producers of The Pond and The Holiday Shops, took care of shoveling the ice rink and green deck in the center of the park.

Martin reports that 16 crew members completed the bulk of the work in approximately 6 hours. 40 boxes (that’s 2,000 pounds) of calcium chloride were spread over the park grounds to melt ice patches and prevent slips and falls.

It’s tough work, but visitors to the park will attest to the fine job done by the Sanitation and Hospitality crews.

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