Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Help Us Decide

We’re constantly improving Bryant Park, and our litter receptacles are no exception. We’d like your input on three new litter receptacle prototypes for Bryant Park, designed and developed by Bryant Park Corporation’s Director of Design, Ignacio Ciocchini. In the spring of 2010, we want to replace all the litter receptacles in the park with one of these three designs. The receptacles are currently on display in Bryant Park, north of the fountain near Sixth Avenue. Bryant Park Corporation has a Patent Pending on these designs.

Each of the receptacles can be made in any of the three colors that are on display. Please vote for your favorite design and color in the poll below (feel free to base your vote on the images if you haven’t seen the samples in person).

If you have any additional thoughts, please share them by commenting. For example, you may like the style of one receptacle, but prefer one of the other colors. Because the receptacles were created specifically for Bryant Park, any comments on how the designs relate to the park are also appreciated.

1/11/2010 Update: We have updated the images in the poll to reflect the new location of the receptacles in the park.

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