Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spotlight On: Meet the Birds in Bryant Park

Meet the Birds in Bryant Park – featuring avian guests Desi and Ruby. These Eclectus Parrots are part of a new exotic bird education program. Stop by to watch, ask questions, interact with the birds, or just take pictures. Perfect for children of all ages, this program is brought to you all summer long free of charge.

The sociable, people-friendly birds come to us from the Arcadia Bird Sanctuary of New Jersey. A great resource for the tri-state area, Arcadia provides services for birds in need, whether they’ve been injured or their owners can no longer care for them. An exotic bird, like a Macaw, can live anywhere from 40-80 years, and pet birds will often outlive their owners! When problems arise, Arcadia is there.

Arcadia Director Terri Jones is both a certified avian specialist and a life-long animal lover. You can find her with feathered friends in tow every Tuesday from 11:30pm-2:00pm by the Carousel. She brings different types of birds each week, so there’s always a new bird to meet.

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