Friday, July 31, 2009

Shop Bryant Park: The alice + olivia Boutique

One of the best things about the alice + olivia boutique at Bryant Park is its versatility. The designer, Stacey Bendet, started it all with a reputation for great-fitting pants. While sussing out the store with me, Lindsey tried on some perfect pinstripe trousers ($264). When they fit that good, it’s hard not to buy them. And the harem pants ($198) were some of the best I’ve seen all season.

But surely now alice + olivia is a staple for party frocks. As I picked out several for Lindsey to try on (and in alice + olivia it’s difficult to edit your choices), the boutique was bustling with women heading to the dressing room with armfuls of dresses.

I couldn’t resist putting Lindsey in a silver disco dress she normally wouldn’t try. You need to see this one IRL: amazing. And the white dress isn’t bad either, but not for the shy. That hemline is saucy short.

I made Lindsey try this on as it's not her usual style, and she looked great on it. You must put this dress on.

The lace and beading detail from the lining of the white dress:

This boutique really does personify all that a small store should embrace: tempting aesthetics, ease of shopping, and a well-rounded selection. The staff, too, is attentive. Perhaps they don’t need to be right outside your dressing room while you try on your many selections, but at least you won’t have trouble getting another size or style.

The cut of the sweaters and tops are dead-on. That white shirt on the right (with beautiful detailing on the back) is one of those tops you’ll want to wear every day.

And in alice + olivia, you’ll certainly have no problem finding a basic for work or something shiny for evening fun. Although prices are high for those on a budget, there is a rack of clothes by the dressing rooms that is 40% off. Try on the long, strapless, yellow gown, please. It’s got a lovely, grecian-style pleated bodice.

alice + olivia, 80 W. 40th Street on the southwest corner of Bryant Park

Shop Bryant Park is written by Fashion Herald, our retail blogger.

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