Monday, July 20, 2009

Harold and Maude, Tonight in Bryant Park

“Single male, 20, seeks older (79+) single female for meaningful relationship. Enjoys sunsets, walks on the beach, attending funerals, driving a hearse and staging suicides.” Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon are the extrememly odd, yet oddly perfect, couple at the heart of this pitch-black romantic comedy. Audacious and heartbreaking, Hal Ashby’s cult classic also features a perfect soundtrack by Cat Stevens. (1971) 91 Min. (Paramount)

The film begins at sunset preceded, as always, by an animated short and the “HBO Dance”. The lawn opens at 5pm for blankets and picnicking (no chairs or plastic tarps, please). After tonight we’ve only got four more movies to go. View the line-up on our website.

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