Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Southwest Porch is a Hit

Southwest Porch is a Hit

Among many consistently positive reviews of the Porch, Jaunted’s most recent coverage stands out from the rest.

“…we have to be truthful here: the Porch freaking rocks. It just does. How to explain? Perhaps it’s the cheery yellow color scheme and lounge-like seating that welcomes everyone, not just those buying drinks. Or maybe it’s the novelty of swinging porch seats, adirondacks, and cuisine from star chef Tom Colicchio in the middle of one of NY’s best-positioned parks.”

You couldn’t ask for a much better review than that. Click the title link for the full article from Jaunted and if you haven’t already experienced the serene environment of the Porch, get yourself down to the southwest corner of Bryant Park then share your own comments with us here.

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