Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Anyone else feel like it’s been raining for two weeks straight? Would it kill Mother Nature to part the clouds for our After Work music tonight or yoga class tomorrow?

We always try to wait as long as possible before making the call to cancel an event or program. It’s not unusual for members of our staff to be glued to multiple weather radars all day, updating each other on the status of the ’blobs’ of rain hovering over the Tri-state area.

In the unfortunate situation that we do need to cancel an event or program, you can always find the updated information on our Twitter page or on

Sometimes, as in the case of yoga last week, so many people show up for a class it makes it hard for us to turn them away. Last Thursday evening 105 yoga participants refused to abandon their downward dogs even though a light rain fell on them throughout the session!

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