Friday, June 26, 2009

Namaste, Bryant Park Yogis

Barefoot in the Park was a great success yesterday evening thanks to lululemon athletica, many talented instructors from local yoga studios, Yoga Organix for the soothing music, and all the yogis who participated in our first ever yoga sampler in Bryant Park.

Approximately 416 yogis of all levels and ages filled over half the lawn with downward dogs, warrior ones, and tree poses. Hundreds of people watched and took pictures of the spectacle from the sidelines, while some even took off their shoes and joined in, business suits and all. From Kundalini to Jivamukti, participants were able to experience all the types of yoga New York City has to offer, and it didn’t cost a dime.

Visit our Facebook page for more photographs of the event. Feel free to tag the pictures if you can spot yourself in crowd or upload your own to our fan album.

Want more free yoga? Join us and lululemon for Bryant Park Yoga, Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings through August 27th.

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