Friday, May 15, 2009

A Hero Among Us

Sometimes something small is all you need to start the day off right. We arrived in the office this morning to an email from Craig, Bryant Park Corporation’s Vice President of Capital Projects, to help spice up our Friday morning inboxes:

This morning I saw a small finch just sitting on the sidewalk at Broadway and 41st Street. People walked right past and over the little bugger. I got a cup from a coffee vendor and the bird walked up to the cup and sat on the rim. I took him into the Park, where he hopped off the cup and onto a park chair. As soon as I got him to a nice place with lots of shrubs and other birds, he FLEW into the shrubs. The little guy wasn't hurt at all but just wanted to be in a better place!

How lucky for the bird to get picked up by someone headed right to the park! Our resident birding experts immediately identified it as a Common Yellowthroat. He even let his hero snap a few pictures on their journey together.

Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending? And you never know, maybe we’ll see the little guy again on Monday morning’s Birding Tour in the park!

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