Thursday, May 21, 2009

BP in the Blogosphere

A fashionista captured this colorful picture in the park yesterday for her blog. The striped top of Le Carrousel looks so beautiful speckled with sunlight, peeking out from the background. Combined with the lush gardens, you’ve got the perfect backdrop for any outfit. Nice shot!

via whatiwore:

WhatIWore: Through the magic of the interwebs I had the good fortune of starting up a friendship with Christine, who runs the fashion savvy blog - Style Pill.  We meet up for lunch in midtown to talk about our blogs, our boys and our lives in general. Awesome right? Well, Christine is launching a Daily Outfit portion to her blog and I commend her on it. She braved the bystanding stares as I snapped this cute picture of her in Bryant Park!  (Trust me, taking pictures of yourself in public is no easy feat) I think she looks rad in her mixmatched patterns and ultra faded jean jacket. For more daily outfits, check back to Christine’s blog!

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