Monday, April 27, 2009

Spotlight On: Bryant Park Tai Chi

Looking for a peaceful way to start your day? Skip the lines of cranky people at your morning coffee joint and stop by Bryant Park instead for free Tai Chi classes this summer.

An excellent system of health and self defense, Tai Chi helps students acheive the optimum degree of harmony between mind and body. In the park you’ll practice slow, focused movements of the arms and legs as you flow through a series of postures and work on correct body alignment. Movements are repeated, making it easy to pick up in no time and great for beginners. Classes are open to people of all ages and abilities…all you need to bring is yourself! And though most people choose to practice in comfortable clothing, we’ve seen our fair share of ’suits’ stopping by to join in on their way to work. It’s that easy.

Starting tomorrow, members of the Tai Chi Chuan Center will teach Tai Chi and Eternal Spring on the Fountain Terrace Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:30-8:30am, through October 8th.

Last year, over 1,600 people took advantage of the free classes in the park. Because really, where else in midtown could you find a more beautiful setting to work on your chi?

World Tai Chi Day

And if you weren’t in the park on Saturday, check out these pictures from World Tai Chi Day hosted by Master C.K. Chu, founder of the Tai Chi Chuan Center.

Master Chu

Master Chu led two classes at the event for anyone who wished to participate. Students of the Tai Chi Chuan Center, audience members, and even passersby joined in to follow his expert movements.

World Tai Chi Day

The event kicked off the 6th season of Bryant Park Tai Chi. Visit our website for a full schedule of summer classes and events, and the Tai Chi Chuan Center website to learn more about the history of Tai Chi and benefits of regular practice.

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