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About the Blog

Who We Are
The Bryant Park Blog gives you information about park activities, events, and operations directly from the source. Written by employees of the Bryant Park Corporation, the non-profit organization that manages the park, the blog hopes to keep you updated, as well as answer your questions.

Did you ever wonder...

  • how a giant bed appeared on the Fountain Terrace overnight?
  • where the Bryant Park lawn comes from?
  • why crews are digging a hole on the south side of the park? 
The Bryant Park Blog answers these questions and more. Let us know what you’re curious about, interested in, or want to see in the park.

Kati S., Bryant Park’s lead blogger, brings you the behind-the-scenes scoop from midtown's backyard. She also manages Bryant Park on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Foursquare, in addition to running many of the park's programs and amenities like Ping Pong, Language Classes, the Southwest Porch and Meet the Birds.

In her role as BPC Archivist, Anne researches, catalogs, and preserves the history of the park, including its events, and continually changing landscape. She also fields internal and external historical inquiries, and strives to keep the park’s past and present connected. She stops in from time to time to share her findings with us through her From the Archives posts.

Tricia, our resident retail blogger, writes about fashion in the 34th Street District as Fashion Herald. We tap Tricia for shopping news and deals in the ever-growing retail area that surrounds the park.

Isabelle originally hails from Luxembourg. She is spending her first year in NYC exploring vegetarian cuisine, local markets and the city's yoga culture. She wears many hats at the Bryant Park Corporation, working on our sponsorship, events and programming teams. 

Past Contributors
Katie was Bryant Park's original blogger from April 2009 - May 2011. She coordinated events at Bryant Park for nearly 4 years, and experienced thousands of park events from the inside.

Barbara worked for the Bryant Park Corporation for more than a decade, and served as a fount of knowledge for all things park related. She was a long-time Brooklyn resident with a passion for community development and local politics, who has sense escaped to warmer climates in Arizona.

Contact Us
If you have a question, comment, or suggestion about the blog or the park, we want to hear it. We’re happy to respond on the blog, Twitter and Facebook. Check out our website for more information about the park. Or call us Monday through Friday (9am-5:30pm Eastern Time) at (212) 768-4242.

Comment Policy
We encourage and welcome comments to blog posts, but will not publish comments that are racist, vulgar, or otherwise in poor taste. We will also not publish spam comments or those that are unrelated to the topic of the post.

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This blog is copyright of Bryant Park Corporation - © 2013 Bryant Park Corporation. All rights reserved. All content is property of Bryant Park Corporation unless otherwise stated. Bryant Park Corporation grants permission to reproduce or distribute any text and images from, provided that content is clearly credited with “© 2013 Bryant Park Corporation” and includes a link to

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